Physician licensure; unprofessional conduct; abortion; effective date.

Authored by Representative Olsen

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Summary of Amendment

March 29: The amendment adds Representative Steagall as a an author. 

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Summary of Original 

HB 1102 modifies the categories of “unprofessional conduct” to include the performance of an abortion as defined by Oklahoma law. The exception is an abortion that is necessary to prevent the death or significant physical impairment of the mother.
The measure prohibits an abortion based on the mental or emotional health of the mother.

The State Board of Health is required to penalize a licensee who violates this rule with certain penalties.

The measure directs the office of the Attorney General to calculate costs paid for by the state or local entities in court challenges to this act. The office of the Attorney General is also required to report such amounts for each calendar quarter to all members of the Legislature.

If this act is ever temporarily or permanently restrained by court order, the remaining provisions of this act are required to be enforced with full force and effect.

(Summary prepared by the Legislature)