Health; city-county boards of health; city-county health departments; State Commissioner of Health; medical directors; effective date.

Authored by Representative Kannady

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Summary of committee substitute:

The committee substitute made small edits to the original bill by loosening some of the proposed influence the State Commissioner of Health’s would have over local public health agencies. These edits were minor and did not substantially change the bill. 

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Summary of original bill:

HB 2504 modifies membership requirements and terms of service for board members of city- county boards of health. The measure modifies rules by the appointing authorities of new board members.

The measure modifies the approval authority for the board of county commissioners in any county. It only allows recommendations by the city-county board of health and approval authority by the State Commissioner of Health or his or her designee. Approved rules and regulations are required to be less stringent than state laws or rules and regulations by the State Board of Health.

The measure requires the advice of the State Commissioner of Health in the creation of a city- county health department.

The measure modifies the supervisory authority of medical directors of city-county health departments. It gives that authority to the State Commissioner of Health.

(Summary provided by the Legislature)