Public health; creating the Oklahomans Caring for Oklahomans Act; medicaid beneficiaries. Emergency.

Authored by Senator Garvin

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Summary of proposed amendment on April 7, 2021

The PCS to SB 131 creates the Oklahomans Caring for Oklahomans Act. The measure requires the Oklahoma Health Care Authority (OHCA) to implement the Oklahomans Caring for Oklahomans Act by developing a program that controls costs and improves health outcomes for Medicaid recipients. The measure directs the OHCA to include the following elements of the program:

Prevention – enrollment and renewal in the program will include a standard baseline risk assessment identifying social health risks

Chronic care management – a plan for chronic care coordination which includes medication therapy management, patient education, interaction between OHCA and beneficiaries, and development of long-term wellness plan

 Payment reform – OHCA to develop a transition care management plan, establish value-based payments for providers

The measure requires the OHCA to maximize the sharing of health information among providers to reduce redundancy. Additionally, any program for sharing data will also have the ability to screen for social determinants of health.

Partnerships with tribal nations will be maintained and enhanced under this measure. The measure directs the Oklahoma Health Care Authority to promulgate rules. Lastly, the measure declares an emergency.

(Summary prepared by the Legislature)

Summary of original

SB 131 authorizes facilities without a pharmacy license to dispense or distribute dialysate or peritoneal dialysis devices to patients with end-stage renal disease provided certain conditions are met. The dialysate must be comprised of dextrose or icodextrin, approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration, delivered and held in its original packaging, lawfully held by a manufacturer or agent properly licensed by the Oklahoma State Board of Pharmacy, delivered only upon receipt of a physician’s prescription by a licensed pharmacy, and delivered directly to the patient or a health care provider.

(Summary prepared by the Legislature)