Student athletics; creating the Save Women's Sports Act; requiring certain athletic teams to be designated based on biological sex. Effective date. Emergency.

Authored by Senator Bergstrom

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Summary of proposed amendment on April 8,  2021

The proposed committee substitute for SB2 creates the Save Women’s Sports Act. The measure prohibits anyone of the male sex from playing on athletic teams designated for females, women, or girls.

Any student who is deprived of an athletic opportunity due to a violation of this rule, shall have a cause of action for injunctive relief against the school.

Any student who is subject to retaliation by a school, athletic association, or intercollegiate association for reporting a violation of this rule, shall have a cause of action for injunctive relief against the school, or athletic association.

The measure also prohibits the State Board of Education, the State Regents, and any athletic association from entering a complaint, opening an investigation, or taking any other adverse action against a school for maintaining athletic teams for students of the female sex.

(Summary provided by the Legislature)

Note from Metriarch: this bill was originally SB331 before resurfacing as SB2.

Summary of original

SB 2 modifies the duties of the School Finance Review commission to include reviewing administrative functions that may be shared between school districts; opportunities for school districts to operate in a cost-effective manner; variances in per-pupil and administrative expenditures among comparable school districts; and expenditures that are not directly or sufficiently related to improving student outcomes.

(Summary prepared by the Legislature)