Sexual assault victims' rights; providing for certain rights. Effective date.

Authored by Senator Bergstrom

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What is it?

SB 202 creates new rights for domestic violence victims as it relates to criminal proceedings. The new rights include the right to not have evidence destroyed before the statute of limitations has expired, the right to free forensic medical examination, and the right to consult with a sexual assault counselor.

The measure also modifies the referral process to a domestic violence advocate after an officer administers an assessment in the field. The measure directs the officer to refer the officer to advise the victim of his or her results in the assessment, advise the victim that the officer will call the domestic violence hotline to allow the victim to speak with an advocate, advise the victim that if they do not cooperate the refusal will be documented, and provide referral information for shelters, domestic violence programs and other social services regardless of the result of the assessment.

(Summary prepared by the Legislature)