HB 1449

Discrimination; enacting the Women’s Bill of Rights; effective date.



Introduced: 2023 Regular Session


HB 1449 creates the Women’s Bill of Rights. The measure defines father, mother, male, man/boy, mother, and natural person. The measure defines “sex” as a natural person’s biological sex at birth. The measure provides that any policy or statute that prohibits sex discrimination shall be construed to forbid unfair treatment of females or males in relation to similarly situated members of the opposite sex. The measure authorizes the state and political subdivisions to establish distinction between sexes when such distinctions are substantially related to an important government objective. Equal shall not mean be construed to mean identical as it relates to the sexes. The measure authorizes the state and political subdivisions to collect data relating to the identification of any natural person’s sex.

Summary provided by the Legislature

April 26, 2024
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