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58th Legislature, 2nd Session (2021)

Welcome to Metriarch’s Legislative Tracker! We track legislation that affects women’s health in Oklahoma. Our efforts began in 2020 in partnership with The Oklahoma Women’s Coalition. We continue to work with them and the Metriarch partners to provide robust, accurate information presented in an easy-to-follow format. Bills are updated daily during session.

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Bill Summaries

Summaries are provided by the Legislature and Metriarch. Bills arranged by most recently updated.

SB779 (2021)

SB779 Abortion; creating the Oklahoma Abortion-Inducing Drug Certification Program; providing...

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SB778 (2021)

SB778 Abortion; creating the Oklahoma Abortion-Inducing Drug Risk Protocol Act....

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HB1709 (2021)

HB1709 Children; Successful Adulthood Act; services; custody; effective date. Authored...

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SB89 (2021)

SB89 Education; creating the Health Education Act; requiring health education...

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SB17 (2021)

SB17 Domestic violence; providing certain protocol process. Effective date.Domestic violence;...

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HB1102 (2021)

HB1102 Physician licensure; unprofessional conduct; abortion; effective date. Authored by...

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HB1904 (2021)

HB1904 Public health; abortion; physicians; effective date. Authored by Representative...

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SB584 (2021)

SB584 Abortion; Defunding Fetal-Body-Parts Trafficking Act; prohibiting certain use of...

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SB2 (2021)

SB2 Student athletics; creating the Save Women’s Sports Act; requiring...

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SB627 (2021)

SB627 State government; prohibiting certain entities from conducting mandatory gender...

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HB2504 (2021)

HB2504 Health; city-county boards of health; city-county health departments; State...

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SB469 (2021)

SB469 Medicaid; requiring coverage of medically necessary pasteurized donor human...

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SB723 (2021)

SB723 Abortion; fetal heartbeat; penalties; codification. Effective date. Authored by...

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SB676 (2021)

SB676 Crime and punishment; providing definition; providing certain penalty. Effective...

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SB404 (2021)

SB404 Medicaid; requiring coverage of medically necessary pasteurized donor breast...

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SB380 (2021)

SB380 Independent contractor classification; creating the Uniform Worker Classification Act....

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SB375 (2021)

SB375 Health departments; requiring health departments to make available birth...

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SB230 (2021)

SB230 Missing and murdered indigenous persons; creating Ida’s law. Effective...

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SB202 (2021)

SB202 Sexual assault victims’ rights; providing for certain rights. Effective...

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SB154 (2021)

SB154 Maternal mortality; requiring certain reporting and documentation on death...

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SB138 (2021)

SB138 Higher education; prohibiting certain institutions from taking certain actions...

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SB101 (2021)

SB101 Labor; repealing mandatory preemption authority for minimum wage. Effective...

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HB1760 (2021)

HB1760 Health care; state benefit plans; long-acting, reversible contraceptive methods;...

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HB2109 (2021)

HB2109 State government; documents; identification of natural persons; options; effective...

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SB849 (2021)

SB849 Maternal mortality; requiring compilation and submission of certain report...

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HJR1041 (2021)

HJR1041 Constitutional amendment; repealing Medicaid expansion; ballot title; filing. Authored...

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SJR4 (2021)

SJR4 Constitutional amendment; increasing percentage of vote required to pass...

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