Lady Charts is our biannual symposium — for OK women’s health enthusiasts, by OK women’s health enthusiasts. It’s an opportunity for people doing good things for Oklahoma women to come together, learn from one another, and get wonky.

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Still telling HER stories, from the classroom to the capital

In the increasingly polarized landscape of health policy, it’s never been more important to humanize the women behind our data and talking points. 

That’s exactly what happened on October 3, 2023 at Lady Charts: Her Stories Are Our Stories. We gathered in Oklahoma City to challenge oversimplified narratives and lean into the complexity of lived experience. We built bridges of understanding in gray areas, despite the pressure to think — and act — like the world is black and white. We listened to the stories of Oklahoma’s women, and we continue to honor the truth in them and understand them as part of our story. 

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