Underserved Communities

Underserved Communities

All Oklahomans do not have equal access to healthcare.

Women of color, folks living in rural areas, and gender and sexual minorities are just a few examples of communities that face unique and often systemic challenges that impact their health outcomes.


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Learn how Metriarch partners are making Oklahoma a safer, healthier place for women.


We track legislation that affects women’s health in Oklahoma. Here’s a peak at recent proposals with an impact on underserved communities.

HB 1449 (2023)

HB 1449 defines “woman” based on biology affecting services and employment

HB 3214 (2024)

HB 3214 allows medical providers to deny care with no reprimand if it violates their beliefs.

SB 1530 (2024)

SB 1530 reintroduces the “Women’s Bill of Rights” and seeks to define gendered terms.

SB 1563 (2024)

SB 1563 makes substantial changes to the Parent’s Bill of Rights: limit who can teach sex ed, opt-in only sex ed, and unlimited access to a child’s medical records.

SB 1981 (2024)

SB 1981 dubbed the “Oklahoma Sexual Education Reform and Parental Rights Protection Act,” it outlines new sex ed curriculum in detail and requires parental opt-in.