Barriers to Care

STI Incidence in Adolescents

STI Incidence in Adolescents STI Incidence in Adolescents Data highlight There is no singular rate for all Sexually Transmitted Infections

Teen Contraception Use

Teen Condom Usage Teen Condom Usage Data highlight Oklahoma ranks 26th out of 43 reporting states. Kansas indicated the highest

SB 1264 (2024)

SB 1264 directs state employee health insurance plans cover cancer genetic testing.

SB 458 (2023)

SB 458 expands the ability for midwives to prescribe medications and regulates physician supervision.

SB 1563 (2024)

SB 1563 makes substantial changes to the Parent’s Bill of Rights: limit who can teach sex ed, opt-in only sex ed, and unlimited access to a child’s medical records.

SB 1491 (2024)

SB 1491 permits clinicians to treat a patient’s sexual partner for STIs without seeing the partner.

HB 4152 (2024)

HB 4152 changes the notice associated with mammogram result summaries.

HB 3214 (2024)

HB 3214 allows medical providers to deny care with no reprimand if it violates their beliefs.