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58th Legislature, 1st Regular Session (2021)

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Welcome to the Metriarch® Legislative Tracker™! We track legislation that affects women’s health in Oklahoma. Our efforts began in 2020 in partnership with The Oklahoma Women’s Coalition. We continue to work with them and the Metriarch® partners to provide robust, accurate information presented in an easy-to-follow format. Bills are updated daily during session.

SJR4 SJR5 SB2 SB17 SB89 SB101 SB121 SB131 SB138 SB154 SB172 SB194 SB202 SB230 SB331 SB332 SB375 SB380 SB404 SB426 SB446 SB469 SB583 SB584 SB612 SB627 SB676 SB723 SB778 SB779 SB849 SB918 HJR1041 HB1102 HB1124 HB1603 HB1615 HB1641 HB1657 HB1709 HB1760 HB1888 HB1904 HB2109 HB2441 HB2504
Founded in 2020 as a partnership with:

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Summaries are provided by the Legislature and Metriarch®. Bills arranged by most recently updated.

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