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I know a girl, so I care about periods (with Linley Faye Smith)
According to Linley Faye Smith, ending period poverty is simple. Just get products into the hands of those who need them, duh. However, if visible sweat on a humid Oklahoma day is any indication, it isn’t that easy. Period OKC started with Linley giving out tampons and pads from her car during the pandemic. Now, the organization provides thousands of products to anyone who can reach their OKC location. Now dubbed an expert, she has taken her passion to the #GIRLDADS in the Capitol to discuss ending period poverty. Her message: “Periods aren’t gross. They’re normal. Let’s not make it weird. If people didn’t think it was weird, it wouldn’t be so complicated when it comes to funding.” She is really good at one-liners. www.periodokc.org