SB 1499

An Act relating to feminine hygiene products; defining terms; creating the Feminine Hygiene Program; directing the State Department of Health to administer program; requiring the provision of certain grants to local health departments; stating purpose of grants; stipulating grant application process; authorizing local health departments to partner with certain entities; requiring determination from Department based on certain metrics; directing promulgation of rules; creating the Feminine Hygiene Program Revolving Fund; stating sources of funds; providing for expenditures from fund; amending 68 O.S. 2021, Section 1353, as last amended by Section 2, Chapter 290, O.S.L. 2023 (68 O.S. Supp. 2023, Section 1353), which relates to sales tax apportionment; providing apportionment to Feminine Hygiene Program Revolving Fund; amending 68 O.S. 2021, Section 1356, as last amended by Section 1, Chapter 394, O.S.L. 2022 (68 O.S. Supp. 2023, Section 1356), which relates to sales tax exemption; providing exemption for feminine hygiene products; requiring exemption administered in the form of a refund; authorizing purchaser to apply for refund within certain period; requiring furnishment of certain receipts; directing the Oklahoma Tax Commission to prescribe form; updating statutory language and reference; defining term; providing for codification; and providing an effective date. 

Failed to Progress

Failed to Progress

2024 Regular Session


Creates a new fund under the Department of Health for health departments to create programs or partner with local nonprofits to supply free period products. Requires health departments to apply for grants. Funding for program comes from the legislature.

Period products would also be sales tax exempt for nonprofits whose primary purpose is to provide free period products.

December 20, 2023