Sexual Violence

HB 3098 (2024)

HB 3098 makes knowingly transmitting certain medical conditions a felony.

SB 1890 (2024)

SB 1890 mandates plea deals involving sex crimes must include listing on the Sex Offender Registration.

SB 1481 (2024)

SB 1481 allocates money for sexual assault examination reimbursements.

SB 1479 (2024)

SB 1479 amends current revenge porn statute by altering who can be convicted, the actions that lead to a conviction, and increased sentencing. 

SB 1329 (2024)

SB 1329 raises the penalty for unwelcome viewing with illicit intent (“peeping tom”).

SB 1326 (2024)

SB 1326 requires those convicted of domestic abuse crimes to register on the violent offender list.