Teen Suicide Rate

Teen Suicide Rate Data highlight 18 per 100,000 Oklahomans aged 15-19 commit suicide, which puts the state at 37th for

SB 1563 (2024)

SB 1563 makes substantial changes to the Parent’s Bill of Rights: limit who can teach sex ed, opt-in only sex ed, and unlimited access to a child’s medical records.

HB 3603 (2024)

HB 3603 eliminates the Interagency Coordinating Council for Coordination of Efforts for Prevention of Adolescent Pregnancy and Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

SB 1981 (2024)

SB 1981 describes new sex ed curriculum and requires parental opt-in.

SB 1981 (2024)

SB 1981 dubbed the “Oklahoma Sexual Education Reform and Parental Rights Protection Act,” it outlines new sex ed curriculum in detail and requires parental opt-in.

SB 1778 (2024)

SB 1778 would criminalize “abortion trafficking” defined as concealing a minor’s abortion.

SB 1549 (2024)

SB 1549 adds secondhand marijuana exposure to felony child neglect.

SB 1479 (2024)

SB 1479 amends current revenge porn statute by altering who can be convicted, the actions that lead to a conviction, and increased sentencing. 

SB 1285 (2024)

SB 1285 creates a grant program for school districts to provide free tampons and pads to students.