SB 1563

An Act relating to schools; amending 25 O.S. 2021, Sections 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, and 2005, which relate to the Parents Bill of Rights; clarifying entities that shall not infringe on certain rights of parents; modifying right to access and review certain medical records; expanding right to consent to include making of certain photograph; removing certain exception regarding withholding of information from a childs parent; directing the State Board of Education to develop certain training materials; directing school district boards of education to use the training materials to train school district employees at the beginning of every school year; providing certain construction; requiring written consent to provide sex education instruction to a child; requiring written consent to provide instruction or presentations regarding sexuality; requiring a school district board of education to adopt procedures to provide notification and require written consent prior to providing instruction or presentations on sexual orientation or gender identity; prohibiting certain instruction or presentations from being included in a districts standard course of study; requiring notification and written consent prior to a child participating in any clubs or activities; providing for right to review certain books; requiring boards of education to make available for public inspection certain information; reducing time period allowed for delivery of requested information or a written explanation for denial; requiring boards of education to adopt procedures for notification of parental concerns; providing for contents of procedures; providing process to request parental concern hearing; providing for promulgation of rules; providing for minimum contents of rules; providing for cause of action; requiring boards of education to adopt procedures to provide notification of certain remedies; prohibiting certain employee from performing certain assessments without certain written consent; defining term; requiring boards of education to adopt procedures to provide notification of certain changes in services and changes in certain names or pronouns; updating statutory language; amending 70 O.S. 2021, Section 11-105.1, which relates to sex education curriculum and materials; requiring written consent from a parent or guardian for a child to participate in certain instruction or activities; providing an effective date; and declaring an emergency. (FIL )

Failed to Progress

Failed to Progress

2024 Regular Session


Makes extensive changes to the Parent's Bill of Rights.

Schools: Bans external organizations from discussing sex ed in schools. Also requires parents to opt-in to discussions around sex ed. Further requires parental approval for students to join clubs and activities. Schools will also be required to notify parents if topics relating to sexual orientation and gender identity will be discussed. Notification will also be required if a student asks to go by pronouns that do not match their birth certificate. Directs schools to create procedures for parents to review books and challenge and appeal them if they disapprove of the content. Further procedures must be adopted if a parent feels the school has violated the Act. School employees would be subject to a training on the Parent's Bill of Rights annually. 

Privacy: Establishes that parents have the right to their child's medical records in all instances. Requires parental consent before a state entity can take a picture of a child. 


February 12, 2024