SB 744

An Act relating to state Medicaid program; requiring coverage of medically necessary donor human milk derived products under certain conditions; requiring certain reimbursement; directing promulgation of rules; authorizing adoption of certain policy or procedure; directing the Oklahoma Health Care Authority to seek certain federal approval; providing for codification; providing an effective date; and declaring an emergency



Introduced: 2023 Regular Session


The floor substitute to engrossed Senate Bill 744 requires the Oklahoma Health Care Authority to offer Medicaid coverage for medically necessary donor human milk-derived products for infants under twelve months old, subject to federal approval. Conditions for coverage include a physician's order citing medical necessity due to factors like low birth weight, premature birth, or specific health conditions. Donor milk products must meet quality standards set by the Health Care Authority Board. Reimbursement for inpatient use will be separate from existing hospital payments. The Board will develop rules for implementation, with interim policies posted on the Authority's website. The Authority will seek required federal approvals for implementation.

Summary provided by the Legislature

NOTE: SB 744 was originally a bill relating to ambulance reimbursements. The current language replaced the original language on the House floor.

May 6, 2024





Roger Thompson – SD 8
Kevin Wallace –  HD 32

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