HB 3214 (2024)

HB 3214 allows medical providers to deny care with no reprimand if it violates their beliefs.

HB 3013 (2024)

HB 3013 treats abortion medication like an illegal drug and criminalizes trafficking.

SJR 30 (2024)

SJR 30 would bring a state question that would ban all abortion and bestow personhood when sperm meets egg.

SB 1886 (2024)

SB 1886 outlines what constitutes a medically necessary abortion and outlaws all medication abortions.

SB 1828 (2024)

SB 1828 bans internet providers from showing websites that sell medication abortion medications.

SB 1816 (2024)

SB 1816 heavily restricts information and distribution of medication abortion medications and allows for unlawful death civil lawsuits.

SB 1809 (2024)

SB 1809 places regulations on medication abortions and manufacturers.

SB 1798 (2024)

SB 1798 establishes that mental health is not a medical emergency for abortion.